Microsoft delayed Xbox Series X/S manufacturing to implement specific AMD tech

Quite a bold decision from Microsoft.

Image via Xbox

Microsoft delayed the manufacturing process of the latest Xbox consoles to implement specific AMD tech. While the Xbox Series X boasts better specifications than PlayStation 5, both Sony and Microsoft have incorporated Zen 2 and RDNA 2 technology in their consoles.

On paper, the Xbox Series X has the upper hand in CPU and GPU horsepower; however, initial benchmarks reveal quite interesting figures. There isn’t much of a performance difference between the two consoles in real-world scenarios, while at the same point, the PlayStation 5 boasts way faster loading times, thanks to the superior SSD.

Microsoft did take a few bold decisions to ensure that the Xbox Series X has better specifications. Speaking to The Verge, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer mentions that they delayed manufacturing Xbox Series X/S because they were “waiting for some specific AMD technology” in their chip. While he doesn’t say what this technology is, it’s likely the faster base clock of the Xbox Series X’s CPU than the PlayStation 5 that led to the delay. 

The move could’ve backfired since Sony had already started the PlayStation 5 manufacturing process, which essentially puts Microsoft behind its competitors, and Phil acknowledges that. He further adds, “We were a little bit behind where they were, where Sony was, in terms of building units. When you do that, then you have to ship them to all the right retailers and distributors. There’s a time lag, even when you start and even when they’re coming off the assembly line, [until they’re] sitting at retail shelves.”

Thankfully, Xbox managed to get Xbox Series X/S ready at the same time as the PlayStation 5 despite the initial time lag. Phil Spencer also mentions that while the Xbox Series X has dominated most sales, the Xbox Series S can surpass the Series X in the long run. To no surprise, Phil states that Xbox Series S price point is the prime reason for that. For now, gamers struggle to get their hands on either of the two consoles due to the high demand.