Microsoft Says E3 2019 Will Be “Incredible”

During The Game Awards 2018, Xbox head Phil Spencer has shared a comment about the coming year for Microsoft’s platform and E3 2019.

According to Spencer, 2019 looks more solid than ever for Xbox One and Windows 10, with several games he particularly loves launching next year.

“We’ve got Crackdown 3, we’re going to be launching that. We’ve got Gears 5, which will just be incredible,” he said.

“One of my favorite franchises that has come out this generation for us, Ori… We’ll see the next Ori come out,” he added, about one of the surprises of the current-gen.

Then, Spencer quickly addressed E3 2019, which is set to be live from the Microsoft Theater, the same theater which hosted The Game Awards.

“We’re gonna be back here at E3, which will be incredible, right here in this theater,” he said, hinting at an E3 filled with announcements, despite Sony’s absence.

“This year was an awesome year for gamers, and I look at next year and I think that it’s just lined up to be another better year.”

We’ve seen Microsoft rumored to be working on an Xbox IP’s sequel likely to be revealed in 2020, and that looks to be just a part of the plan.

Microsoft Says E3 2019 Will Be "Incredible"