Microsoft Hints At Fable, More Xbox Exclusives Were Left Out Of E3 2019


The Xbox media briefing at E3 2019 was filled with lots of games, but at times you felt like something was missing. The huge exclusive game has not been announced, and one that could fill that role was Fable, which was expected to be revealed by the British developer Playground Games.

From the looks of it, Microsoft had to make decisions about what to show and how at the media briefing, leaving out of the count some of the games that you were anticipating that it would be showing throughout the event — that also accounts for that Fable thing.

“So, today we saw Microsoft Flight Simulator, there’s a huge process we go through to decide what gets in the show and you can imagine we start with more than we end up with…,” Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, told Eurogamer in an interview.

When the interviewer asked if this meant that the label had left Fable out of the show, Booty laughed and then returned to talk about Microsoft Flight, a game that was in the show instead and was quite a surprise if you ask me.

“[laughs] We decided it would be a good statement to have Flight Simulator in there because it’s a game with deep connections to Microsoft’s roots – the first game we ever published – it makes a statement.”

So, yes, it definitely looks like Microsoft has Fable and more games to show perhaps in the next couple years, in order to debut the next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett with the best lineup possible. Halo Infinite is set to be a launch game, just to say.