Microsoft Flight Simulator announced at Microsoft Conference | E3 2019


A new Microsoft Flight Simulator has been announced by Microsoft at their E3 Press Conference this evening.

The new game, which did not come with a developer announcement, showed some stunning vistas and beautiful landscapes with several detailed planes as you control some aircraft with incredible detail. It’s the first time a new Flight Simulator has come out since 2012’s Microsoft Flight.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X released in 2006 but also saw a re-release on Steam in December 2014. The series has been well received in the past for its authenticity to the simulation of flying. Typically, the cockpit is going to receive plenty of accurate details to make the experience as authentic as possible, and you should expect to learn how every button and switch works to play the effectively play the game. The use of mods also allows for more models, landscapes and cockpits, and there will be the anticipation from the modding community for modding support in the new game on PC.

It also marks the first time in the franchise’s history that it is going to release on console. Traditionally Flight Simulator has been a PC only game. How this will work with a controller is not known as no user-interface or controls showed up during the video.

The game is going to be available at launch for the Xbox Game Pass and will be available on the Xbox One & PC. As of right now, we do not have a release date for the game.