Microsoft is reportedly reviving 1 vs. 100

It’s been more than a decade since it was taken offline.

Screenshot of 1 vs 100

Image via Xbox

1 vs. 100, the massively multiplayer live online game show that was previously available on the Xbox 360, is set to make a comeback more than a decade after it was taken offline, according to industry insider Jeff Grubb.

Speaking on GrubbSnax, the insider’s Giant Bomb show, Grubb alleged that Microsoft is reviving the virtual game show and that the team behind AltSpaceVR, a virtual reality social platform, is heading it. Despite the AltSpaceVR team heading the project, Grubb claimed this shouldn’t be taken as a sign that Xbox — the only current home console to not tap into the VR market so far — will try its luck with VR. “[Xbox] tries to keep VR stuff at arms length,” wrote Grubb on Twitter.

However, Grubb did state Xbox is fully behind this project, and claimed that bodes well for its future. “With the support of Xbox, it’s probably gonna be a sure thing [that] we’ll all get a chance to play this,” said Grubb.

Whereas the game as it existed on Xbox 360 used Xbox Live users’ avatars to represent players in-game, Grubb claimed this new incarnation would use the more lifelike avatars featured in Mesh for Microsoft Teams that the company showcased last week. Microsoft claims these avatars will not require expensive VR headsets to use.

1 vs. 100 on the Xbox 360 was inspired by the television show of the same name that was broadcast on NBC. One contestant faced off against 100 others through several rounds of trivia; Xbox Live users could also tune in to watch the showdown live. The game featured a live host and ran for two seasons before Microsoft confirmed it would not return for a third in July 2010. With this latest report, the company seems to have had a change of heart.