Microsoft: RYSE still in development, not releasing in next 12 months

Ever since RYSE announcement (Kinect enable core game) at E3 2010, fans heard nothing about the game (neither any details, nor release date). But this has changed now, Microsoft has confirmed that RYSE is still in development and it won’t launch in next one year.


In a recent interview to VERGE, Microsoft Studios’ Phil Spencer said, “We’re still building Ryse,”

“We’re focused on games coming in the next twelve months, something I say every year, and it’s not something we’ll be shipping in the next twelve months.”

Phil Spencer was further asked, whether he is keeping in track about the development phase of RYSE or not. To this he simply replied.

“Yes I can play it on my 360,”

“Actually, the last review I had with the team was probably four weeks ago and there are some very cool things the team is working on.”

When quizzed about this long delay, Phil Spencer replied, “We’re not the biggest first party. Things we do have to matter when they come out because the opportunity cost for us is high and we focus on things. I’m not trying to fill a portfolio; I’m trying to create unique experiences and that means we sometimes take longer than some other people do but I want to make sure we make our best effort forward when we get a game done.”