Microsoft to release Xbox Wireless Headset, priced at $100

The official device will include exclusive features, such as dual connectivity.

Image via Microsoft

Later next month, Microsoft will be releasing its answer to PS5’s Pulse 3D headset in the form of the Xbox Wireless Headset. Costing $99.99, the sleek accessory will support Bluetooth and be natively compatible with all current Xbox consoles, Windows 10 PCs, and even mobile devices.

The Xbox Wireless Headset holds a black and green design that compliments the Series X, and most notably, a retractable microphone featuring voice isolation technology to cut out background noise. The “ultra-soft” leather ear cups include rotational dials to effortlessly change overall volume or game-to-chat audio balance.

Microsoft notes the headset will be powered by a USB-C charging cable, offering up to 15 hours of battery life per charge. It is also expected to provide years of usage with its durable headband being made of thick metal.

Compared to other compatible headsets, this official device does have some exclusive features. For one, users can have the Xbox Wireless Headset simultaneously paired via Bluetooth to their phone and Xbox console. When connected to the console, the Xbox Accessories App can be used to adjust deeper audio options, such as an equalizer and bass boost settings. An auto-mute feature is also detailed, which disables the microphone when there are no voices detected near the headset.

The Xbox Wireless Headset will launch on March 16, as pre-orders are currently being taken on the Microsoft website.