Report: Microsoft interested in acquiring Electronic Arts and Valve


In an effort to up its roster of exclusive games, Microsoft is apparently eyeing a few major acquisitions. A Polygon report detailing Microsoft’s history of exclusive games suggests the company is interested in buying studios including Electronic Arts, according to “a reliable source close to Microsoft.”

Polygon also reported hearing “whispers” about potential Valve or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. acquisitions. Microsoft will release PUBG as a timed exclusive. (The game is currently in early access on Xbox One.)

Electronic Arts’ market shares are reportedly up following the Polygon report, according to stock news site Market Watch. Though the potential of an Electronic Arts acquisition by Microsoft sounds “astounding,” as Polygon points out, Microsoft has the money to afford it—”a cast pot of at least $130 billion,” while Electronic Arts is valued around $35 billion.

These acquisitions would likely fit in Microsoft’s plan to bolster its lineup of exclusive titles, which is something Xbox chief Phil Spencer told Bloomberg in November 2017. Microsoft’s history is mired with studio closures—developers Lionhead and Press Play both shut down in 2016—which makes new acquisitions all the more important.

Microsoft announced the acquisition of gaming startup PlayFab this morning, though the move is intended to improve Microsoft’s cloud platform rather than release exclusive games.

We’ll update this piece as more information regarding potential acquisitions is revealed.