Microsoft Claims New Xbox Game Studios Will Retain Creative Freedom, Won’t Force Platforms

Microsoft Claims New Xbox Game Studios Will Retain Creative Freedom, Won't Force Platforms

During a recent interview with PC Gamer, Phil Spencer discussed the relationship between Microsoft and the newest Xbox Game Studios.

According to Spencer, not only Microsoft won’t be taking away creative freedom from those studios, but won’t even push them to develop on consoles if they won’t want.

“We want each studio to retain their unique spirit and culture while feeling empowered by the collective resources they now have as a member of Xbox Games Studios and Microsoft. We’re here to help lift any of the distractions and challenges that have kept them from what they do best,” he said.

“The opportunity for collaboration and shared learning across our new and existing teams is potentially what’s most exciting to me. It’s been inspiring to hear stories already of how the incredible talents across these teams are reaching out to connect, share and learn from one another.”

On top of that, the EVP at gaming for Microsoft also added that he doesn’t want to force developers like inXile and Obsidian to work on Xbox One if they’ll want to build PC-specific experiences.

“We want to empower game creators to extend the reach of their games to the broadest global player base possible. That said, we understand that there are certain types of games that may be best experienced within a specific context, or with a specific input method (keyboard and mouse, controller, etc.).

Obsidian, inXile and all our studios will have the resources to reach players on any device and we’ll support the decisions each studio makes regarding the platform and features that let them deliver the experience they want for gamers.”

We don’t think there’ll be a moment when Obsidian and inXile ask Microsoft not to work on console, as they’re already doing console development for titles like The Outer Worlds and Wasteland 3.

At any rate, a statement like this is really significant of how the Xbox platform owner wants to move from now on with new and just acquired studios.