Phil Spencer Admits Microsoft Needs To Invest More On Xbox Exclusive Content


Phil Spencer while talking to Gamesbeat, has shared some critical points that Xbox fans may find interesting. It has happened several times that Xbox One users had complained about un-availability of creative titles compared to PS4. This has been always a matter of discussion where Xbox One users had felt that they are having limited choices compared to PS4.

Xbox One

Recently Microsoft has announced Matt Booty as the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Games Studios who formerly was managing everything of Minecraft. Phil Spencer is now taking the post of Executive VP of Gaming. Microsoft has undergone changes in the organization with an aim to work more on the first-party content.

During the interview, Phil Spencer clearly stated that he is aware of the requirements of first-party content. His statement indicates that Microsoft has clear understanding about the content expectations of Xbox One users. He pointed towards Matt Booty’s role of taking responsibility for the team and working on charting the future of first-party content. Below is his statement.

“I’m not deaf to the meme out there regarding our content and our need to invest more. Definitely, we are at a point where we’re investing more and we’ll continue to do that. When I look at Matt and his responsibility with his team, it’s about charting our future in first-party content. I feel like with each one of the leaders we have, there’s an existing plan, and I feel good about that plan, but we know that the plan all-up for studios is expanding. Having Matt’s leadership there in navigating the expansion, what bets we make, the teams we bet on, the teams we create, is going to be critical.”

Phil Spencer clearly illustrated the how important is Matt Booty’s role in providing the best games to fan. He further added, “Some of it is with the existing leaders we have there, and there are always opportunities to do more with the teams we have. But also, as we expand, having a leader in place so new investments can be driven and land in the strategy we have is going to be critical for me. That’s really where I look at Matt’s focus: both the existing franchises, and equally, if not a little more, thinking about our future content and how that growth happens in a thoughtful way, a way that delivers for our fans.”

The statement clarifies Microsoft will re-work on the exclusive content in coming time where Xbox users can expect more. You can read the full interview on below link.

Source: Venturebeat