Microsoft’s xCloud browser app sneak peek debuts familiar layout

All cloud games in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available in this web version.

Image via TheVerge, Microsoft

With Apple marring Microsoft’s plans to have its Xbox Game Pass streaming app, xCloud, on its devices, the console creator has now begun testing on its web browser workaround. Via TheVerge, the first images of the launcher has arrived and its UI will be quite recognizable to all Xbox users.

Based on the preview, the web version’s users will seemingly have all available cloud games from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in their control, with options to sort them out by genre or simply search for a desired title. In addition, players can leap into their last played title from the home page and will be updated whenever a game leaves the service. The launcher does run in fullscreen, but each game will require a compatible controller to play.

TheVerge also reports that the browser’s infrastructure is currently built around the Xbox One S, so titles won’t be streaming in 4K for the time being. Though, xCloud is expected to upgrade portions of the service later this year in attempt to mirror the graphical fidelity of the Xbox Series X.

Image via TheVerge, Microsoft

At the moment, those wanting get a sneak peek of this web version will need either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. However, Microsoft has recently stated a public preview is likely to roll out this spring, allowing additional xCloud access to those on iPhones, iPads, and other browsers.