Death Stranding mid-December Patch Video Reveals New Features

Hideo Kojima has shared a brief video about the mid-December patch for Death Stranding, which implements several highly requested changes to the PlayStation 4 exclusive action-adventure game.

The clip details two functionalities that will be added to the game via the upcoming patch.

The first is the ability to make vehicles that obstruct players’ passage onto specific locations disappear anytime they need to. The feature was requested by users who have been reporting griefing issues and have now the chance to keep playing without requiring to disable the multiplayer functionality.

The second is another quality of life improvement. Players will now be able to see their Odradek – the tool that lets you know when there are any Beached Things around protagonist Sam Porter Bridges and their position – even in the case when they have a big cargo on their shoulders that covers their view.

In his tweet featuring a video preview of the incoming patch, Kojima has added that these improvements “are now in testing,” and the update will be coming in mid-December, which means it should take around a week before players can test those themselves.

Death Stranding has been nominated in The Game Awards’ multiple categories, including the GOTY award, and this has sparked a controversy among fans as the Geoff Keighley, the producer of the show, is an NPC in the game.