Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s microtransactions are finally kaput


After causing quite the kerfuffle with its usage of microtransactions, Middle-earth: Shadow of War has finally removed its microtransactions. The game just received a free update that has removed the ability to purchase gold with your real-world cash. 

This update doesn’t come as a surprise, since developer Monolith already announced that microtransactions would be leaving the game around a month ago. But the time for the official removal has come and gone, and the game is now better off for it. You’ll still be able to purchase War Chests, which house Legendary Orcs, but you won’t be able to use real cash to do it. 

Fans previously complained about the unfair practice of having to grind for an insane amount of time to get Legendary Orcs if they weren’t willing to simply purchase them. It lent a very “pay-to-win” feel to the game that offset its otherwise fair organizational structure. 

The Gold Store will be open until July 17, when it’ll shut its doors for good. You can buy items within the Gold Store with Gold earned via regular in-game activities, so if you have any left that you’d like to spend, make sure you go ahead and get it done before you won’t be able to anymore. After July 17, your Gold will automatically convert to items.

Although microtransactions are gone, the Gold store will remain open until July 17, which is when it closes off permanently. Until then, you’ll be earning Gold for completing certain in-game activities, and you’ll be able to spend it on War Chests and other items.