Midnight Ghost Hunt from Coffee Stain Studios announced | E3 2019


Coffee Stained Studios have announced midnight Ghost Hunt, the team behind the cult hit Goat Simulator, at the PC Gaming conference at E3.

The multiplayer hide-and-seek game, which appears to be a variation of the prop hunt style game that is found on many older Source games, aims for the ghost team to hide inside furniture of a ghost house while the hunters take their time to investigate the props and seek out ghosts and eliminate them.

The video showed a cinematic trailer of a team of hunters going around a spooky house with a scanner device, looking around for furniture in the house that is possessed while ghosts are switching between different pieces of furniture. No actual gameplay footage was shown, but it gave an insight into the art style and nature of the game. You can see the trailer below.

The game is being developed while the team is also working on Epic Game Story exclusive, factory builder Satisfactory. They have also previously developed tower-defence first-person shooters, Sanctum and Sanctum 2, and the indie favorite Goat Simulator, which started off as a joke prototype game that was then developed into a fulled fledged game. This then developed into many spin-off modes, such an MMO, a DayZ mode called GoatZ and PAYDAY, a mode that satirises the Payday series.

The game currently has no release date, but you can sign up to participate in the Alpha at the following link.