Nintendo is shutting down Miitomo this summer


Before Nintendo brought us Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, it tested a new kind of mobile app with the introduction of Miitomo.

This combined the fun of customizing your own Mii character with social media aspects similar to that of the 3DS title Tomodachi Life. Not only could you create your own Mii and outfit it with your favorite clothes, but you could learn a few new things about your friends via the questions they answered and the information they shared through the service.

It was an interesting and cute experiment, but now just two years after its launch, the service is being shut down. 

Nintendo has put up an official notice of closure on its Miitomo landing page, and the service will be shut down in its entirety on May 9. Nintendo is ceasing the sale of additional Miitomo coins (the app’s in-game currency) as of today, though you’ll still be able to spend the ones you already have all the way through closure. You’ll also still be able to earn coins and your login bonuses from playing the game as usual. If you happened to buy any Miitomo coins and decided not to use them, Nintendo will be refunding you. 

Miitomo wasn’t the most full-featured app, but it was a fun diversion with plenty of different costumes and ways to interact with your friends. It looks like Nintendo is simply ready to move on, despite regular, swift updates to the game’s inventory of costumes and other goodies. Miis just aren’t as important in the grand scheme of things anymore, it seems, so we’re relegated to Nintendo products tied to popular franchises for the time being, now.

Pour one out for Miitomo, cut down in its youth.