Millions of Miiverse posts have been archived safely


Nintendo decided to take its community-powered Miiverse offline, and it upset leagues of gamers who routinely took to Wii U and 3DS to share photos, messages, and more. The service played host to millions of replies, drawings, and memories users shared with each other, so to simply lose everything that had been built over the years came as a real blow. 

Luckily, Drastic Actions (also known as Tim Miller) acted quickly to archive the entirety of the Miiverse and upload it to a new site known as the Archiverse. There, you can search the Miiverse posts that were swiftly preserved by post type, game, and even username. There’s a massive amount of content in the archive, with 216,901,986 replies in total put back for future generations to browse. 

Breaking it down, that’s 75,955,135 screenshots and 72,135,190 drawings! Drastic Action’s tweet about the service says it all. In total, it’s about 17 terabytes of content, which is a testament to how much people actually loved Miiverse. 

While it’s unfortunate there was no surrogate program in place for the Switch so that the legacy could continue, it’s heartwarming to see that such care was taken to ensure that all the creativity and interactions between the old Wii U and 3DS Miiverse members will be preserved for newcomers to peruse. It was a fun and friendly service that will definitely be looked back upon fondly.