Minecraft Ceases Development On Super Duper Graphics Pack

Silk Touch Enchantment in Minecraft

Mojang AB, the development studio that created Minecraft, have announced they ceased development on the Super Duper Graphics Pack.

The Super Duper Graphics Pack got announced in E3 2017. It was meant to be a graphical upgrade for Minecraft, adding more detailed textures and shadow effects. It was also supposed to be in 4K. In the announcement trailer, the Super Duper Graphics Pack was coming out in the following fall. The pack has yet to release still, and it’s been two years since the original announcement.

On the official Minecraft website, development for the Super Duper Graphics Pack has publicly gotten canceled. The reason given to the pack’s cancellation is that it was too “technically demanding to implement as planned.” The staff for Minecraft understands that the cancellation will disappoint many fans, but they promise to continue working on other ways to change Minecraft’s look.

The cancellation for the pack is sudden, though not entirely unexpected. The pack was announced to be coming out at the fall of 2017, yet got postponed. It is interesting that at E3 2017, Mojang was able to show footage of Minecraft with the Super Duper Graphics Pack implemented. They were even bold enough to claim the pack will come later in the year. It does make you wonder what happened in the preceding two years that shaped the development team to decide to cease development. It’s an unfortunate situation, especially considering the initial announcement received enthusiastic reactions from Minecraft players.