Minecraft Creator Is Considering Opening a New Studio, But Will It Work?


Markus “Notch” Persson has enjoyed a quiet retirement since he sold off Mojang and his hit game Minecraft to Microsoft years ago — even if he’s been creating a fuss with controversial arguments on social media ever since. But now it looks like he’s ready to get back to work, as a new tweet suggests he’s seeking to get back into game development.

Posting the question earlier today on Twitter, Notch asked his followers, “Theoretically, would you prefer me to develop small free games on my own, or start a studio and make polished commercial games?”

Thus far, responses have been mixed. Some have been supportive of Notch to get back into game development. Others, however, have more exciting ideas of what he can do with his money from the Microsoft mega-deal.

One fan suggested, “I want you to invest in other studios.” Another believes that development wouldn’t do Notch much good. “The first one since I assume you went away from running a studio for a good reason,” they explained.

Then there was the question of “what the studio would be making,” and if Notch would try something innovative like Minecraft, or perhaps even something more streamlined.

Notch hasn’t made any decision as of yet, as it sounds like he’s mulling things over. But considering his conflicts with many industry people on Twitter in the past, it seems like some might be wary when it comes to teaming up with him. Doing something on his own may be the most obvious answer, as far as some may think.

We’ll see what Notch follows in the months ahead. In the meantime, you can check out Minecraft, his previous creation, on several platforms now.