Minecraft Dungeons coming in Spring 2020 | E3 2019


Minecraft is taking on the RPG genre with a brand new title that will take on a third-person perspective while keeping the familiar art style that fans love.

The mega-hit franchise will be releasing Minecraft Dungeons for players to enjoy roaming unique areas while crawling around in style reminiscent of Diablo.

Mojang’s new title will let four players fight, loot, and explore in local or online four-player co-op. The trailer showed the player solving puzzles to uncover hidden treasure before battling a group of zombies and navigating deadly traps to get further into the dungeon. The game will factor in all of the Minecraft biomes, giving players a diverse selection of areas to explore.

Minecraft Announcement

Minecraft Dungeon almost surely is another huge hit that will fill in the gap that the now-canceled Minecraft Story Mode left in the market.

Expect the title to drop in Spring of 2020 on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.