Minecraft Dungeons Set to Arrive April 2020

Sildur's Vibrant Shaders Pack for Minecraft

During Microsoft’s X019 presentation in London today, it had all kinds of updates for its big releases for the new year. A new game coming out is Minecraft Dungeons, a new chapter in the best-selling series.

The game officially has a release period, set to arrive sometime in April 2020 for Xbox One and its Game Pass membership program, along with the PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The announcement came with a new trailer, which is available below. In it, players get an idea of what Dungeons is all about. Instead of the usual blocky adventure we expect from the world of Minecraft, Dungeons takes more of a role-playing approach. Think Diablo, but more family friendly.

In this spin-off, players embark on adventures with others as they make their way through elaborately designed worlds. Four players can join a group, or you can take it on solo if you’re looking for a challenge. You’re going to take on dangerous foes and collect all kinds of treasure, along with other goods and items to assist you.

Co-developed between Mojang and Double Eleven, Minecraft Dungeons looks to be just the ticket for those wanting a new adventure from the series. Get ready to swing your blocky axes and collect some loot.