Minecraft Honey Bloc Clip Is All About the Parkour

Minecraft Honey Block Parkour

People are seriously creative in Minecraft, and one particular user has shown off a level that’s all about doing parkour.

The clip named Honey Block, uploaded by a user named edalbonhcet, features a small but sweet level that puts players’ platforming skills to the test. It starts at one end of a room, with players jumping across blocks and what appears to be moving rowboats; before eventually getting to the other side, while climbing around some walls and timing their jumps along the way.

honey bloc from r/Minecraft

Though the clip lasts under a minute, it showcases the latest addition to the usefulness of Honey Blocks when it comes to parkour-related levels. You can read more about what creators are putting together on this Planet Minecraft page.

What’s more, edalbonhcet explained it didn’t take that long to put together. “It took about an hour, half building, half testing.”

There’s no word yet if it’s available for public upload. We’d certainly give it a go if the opportunity came along if it were. Granted, we’d probably crash and burn a couple of times, simply because parkour isn’t entirely for beginners.

Here’s hoping edalbonhcet has some more designs like this in store. The more opportunity to stretch our Honey Block parkour skills, the better. Check out what people are saying about the level in the accompanying comment thread here.