Minecraft Player Transforms a Fireplace Into a Fridge

Minecraft Fireplace To Fridge

You can pretty much do anything in Minecraft, provided that you’re devoted enough to put time into it. But one particular player has managed to pull off a pretty good transformation act recently, turning a fireplace into its polar opposite: a fridge.

A Reddit user by the name of u/Ihaha07 recently showed how they were able to turn a working fireplace into a fridge in just a few basic steps. And it’s crazy enough that it might just work for other players, too.

How to build a working fridge in Minecraft! from r/Minecraft

First off, they began with a fireplace that was still lit. From there, they stacked another fireplace on top of it, then poured a huge amount of water over both of them. This doused the flames that the fireplaces have, leaving the stained wood behind.

u/Ihaha07 then built a wooden frame around these two pieces, forming the shape of a mini-fridge. This included pieces on top, as well as front and back.

Once the frame was put in place (including the shelves instead), all that was left to do was stack the pork chops into it and shut the door.

While some players were impressed by the feat, others had suggestions, like possibly replacing the wood frame with an iron one. Another believes that it’s more like a “smokehouse” than a fridge, but “still a neat idea” nevertheless.

So if you’re in the mood to build something neat and don’t want to take the usual process, give it a shot. Just make sure you take good care of your pork chops.