Shigeru Miyamoto reportedly at Xbox Press Conference | E3 2019


French video gaming website JeuxVideo are reporting that Shigeru Miyamoto will be present at the Xbox Press conference.

Their tweet not long ago implied that he will be there though they did not say in what capacity, simply stating “Shigeru Miyamoto in the Xbox Conf?” (“Shigeru Miyamoto in the Xbox Conference?”) along with a video also stating this.

While it is not uncommon for other publishers or developers to sit amongst the press for conferences, this comes after months of speculation regarding the Xbox Live platform and infrastructure being implemented into other areas of gaming, including Nintendo’s Switch platform.

If some form of integration does happen, it would be the first time that a collaboration with two of the three major console manufacturers working together on significant changes to one of the ecosystems. Both parties would certainly benefit from a joint venture, as the Switch could certainly benefit from an online platform as powerful and complete as Xbox Live, while the lure of playing Xbox titles on a Nintendo Switch portable would be a huge coup for them.

Microsoft’s Press Conference is just a few minutes away, with many announcements of new games expected while a new console has also been rumoured for the event. It’s the first of the traditional E3 Press conferences to take place after EA chose to host EA Play before the main E3 event.