MLB The Show 18’s new batting stance creator looks insanely customizable


In yearly sports titles, it’s the addition of little things that bring players back to purchase the new version each year. In MLB The Show 18, one of the new little things is a Batting Stance Creator.

This awesome new feature lets you go in and tweak a player’s batting stance, which is something that happens in real life throughout the season. Sometimes if a player is in a slump, a slight tweak to their stance could help break them out of it. You can do the same in The Show.

The Batting Stance Creator will let you adjust the hand positioning, hip, elbow, front foot placement, and even how much the player wiggles the bat. This will be even more exciting for customizing a created player’s stance in Road to the Show mode.

Another addition to the “little things” category include player’s reacting appropriately to home runs depending on the situation, because a game-winning home run deserves a different reaction compared to a solo shot in the first inning.

Further changes mentioned in the video above are improved pitching animations with realistic arm slots and releases, and more diverse weather, including fog, rain, and even rain delays. If rain crops up during the game and the game is delayed or postponed, decisions will need to be made.

MLB The Show 18 hits PlayStation 4 on March 27.