Mobius Final Fantasy rings in the new year with the Summon Festival


Square Enix is welcoming 2018 right with the Mobius Final Fantasy Summon Festival, which is an opportunity for players to grab some of the more difficult summons to obtain in-game. In short, it should be easier than usual to snag a decent summon while the event is going on, with a few augments and goodies meant to help make it happen. 

The New-Year Summon Festival 2018 features a new Supreme Card Summon event, where players can purchase at least 12,000 magicite in-game to receive a Supreme Ticket, which allows for a Supreme Card Summon. This will net players one Supreme Card or Ultimate Hero Card, which are good pulls as far as adding new heroes to your fold. 

Supreme Cards feature characters like Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith and Final Fantasy VI’s Duncan. As far as Ultimate Heroes, Lightning and Cloud from Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy VII may be called upon. They’ll be added to the Ultimate Heroes selection permanently as of this event, as the Ninja job card will be added to the summoning lineup as well. The Prometheus, Ominiscient, Chocobo Saint, and Mist Dragon cards will be added to the summoning lineup too, permanently. 

The Palamecian New Dawn 2018 region has been unlocked for players to use during the event as well. Heading to this limited time area will allow free summons, magicite, and a host of other goodies. Anyone who heads there will also get a free New Year-themed Echo companion spirit to aid them in their travels and exploits. 

There’s a whole host of bonuses and goodies you can rack up just for logging in, like the Final Fantasy Record Keeper Collaboration Card’s Dr. Mog, which you’ll get just for participating in the game. You can also get a potential one of eight Final Fantasy Record Keeper cards as a bonus when you pull off a Greater Summon. 

The main portion of the Summon Festival ends on Jan. 5, but the festivities go on throughout the rest of the month. Mobius Final Fantasy can be downloaded for free, so most of these goodies can be obtained without spending anything. That’s always good news for Final Fantasy fans, so if you’re interested in a Final Fantasy card game you don’t have to buy physical cards for, this could be a good option for you.