Modders Build an Incredible Harry Potter World in Minecraft


Over the years, we have seen people do some incredible things in Minecraft. Still, it is possible that the Floo Network modders behind the “Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” has produced one of the most incredibly detailed and complex builds yet.

In a new gameplay trailer, the modding group has shown off the incredible attention to detail that has gone into building this world. Fan-favorite locations like Hogwarts, Hagrid’s hut, and Diagon Alley can all be seen, but what stands out are the interiors. The Great Hall, Ollivander’s, and the Chamber of Secrets all show an incredible amount of detail.

Floo Network is not working on a fancy look sightseeing tour either; there are plenty of wizardly activities to keep you occupied in the world. You’ll need to solve puzzles, make your way through treacherous locations, and fight against enemies. You can also find loot from the books, including a nice Butterbeer. The modders are trying to give players an authentic Harry Potter experience, and you will be able to visit the classroom for the Defence Against The Dark Arts, as well as other vital parts of Hogwarts made famous in the best-selling series of books. You will even be able to visit the train station, and Platform 9 3/4, the very place that Harry begins his journey to Hogwart’s for the very first time.

The team hopes to be able to release the mod to the public before the end of January. While no exact release date is known, if you wish to keep up to date on announcements, you can join the Floo Network Discord to be some of the first people informed about it.