Death Toll: You Can Now See Your Death in Modern Warfare for $20


Want to know how many times you died in the multiplayer for Modern Warfare? The new feature is finally added to the game, and it can be yours for the price of $20!

That’s right, one of the most requested features that have been standard in every game in the series so far has finally been added to this year’s edition. But, you’re going to have to pay to get it.

Mother Russia

In the in-game store, the “Mother Russia” bundle is now available for 2,000 COD Points (which equals $20 real dollar). Part of that bundle includes the “Time to Die” watch for your character, which gives you the ability to see your death.

You read that correctly: the Kill Cam is now behind a paywall in the game. So far, the community response has been well, not great.

The Kill Cam has always been a part of the series, and the fact that it wasn’t in this game, to begin with, was a strange decision. The community has asked for it frequently since the game’s release, and for those requests to be met with this, it is just baffling. We know that the watch won’t affect any of the core gameplay and certainly isn’t a pay-to-win mechanic, but to have such a small, simple feature be put behind microtransactions is just weird.

Perhaps Infinity Ward will change their minds and listen to the fan backlash, making the ability to be available without having to pay. The community can only hope they will.

Modern Warfare is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.