Modern Warfare Update Removes Night Maps from Hardcore Mode, Adds Shoothouse 24/7 Back


Infinity Ward giveth, and Infinity War taketh away.

A few days after receiving a big update, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has received another smaller update, full of general bug fixes, as well as the removal of Night Maps from its Hardcore playlist, and the re-addition of the Shoothouse 24/7 playlist.

Night Maps were a big point of conversation leading up to the game’s release, but the maps were pulled from the rotation right before. Developer Infinity Ward claimed that the maps would return at a later date in their own playlist. When the latest update was released to mark the start of the game’s Season 1, Night Maps were added to the Hardcore Mode. But, it didn’t last long, as Infinity Ward has removed them from those modes today. Unfortunately, the patch notes make no mention of when the maps might make a return.

But it’s not just losing maps that comes with this update; the game is also seeing the return of a fan-favorite Shoothouse 24/7 playlist, as well as maps being added to certain playlists and general bugs being fixed and balanced. (The full patch notes include which bugs have been fixed.)

The newest addition to the series, Modern Warfare has been a pretty successful release for Activision and Infinity Ward. Fans have praised the game’s newer engine and movement style, while also expressing excitement for the return of a single-player campaign, a feature that was missing from last year’s Black Ops 4. While there has still been some criticism, mainly concerning the map design and presence of campers in multiplayer, the game has continued to record solid numbers, and the recent start of its first season is bound to help with that.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.