Modern Warfare’s “Classified” menu could be teasing long-rumored battle royale mode

The long-rumored mode might be right around the corner.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Image via Activision

The second season of Modern Warfare was released today, and amidst the new maps, weapons, and battle pass rewards to earn, a new menu option is hinting at a long-rumored game mode coming to the game.

After downloading the sizable new update for the game, players have noticed a new option on the game’s main menu: Classified. Appearing next to the option for the game’s multiplayer, the option is locked. There is no information about what this will become once it is unlocked, and there hasn’t been any official announcement from Infinity Ward, the developer.

However, the new in-game cinematic for the game shows a clip of soldiers (presumably players) dropping out of a plane onto a battlefield below, or you know, the classic entry for players in a battle royale game.

A battle royale mode has been rumored for the game for a long time ever since the success of Blackout, the battle royale mode for last year’s Black Ops 4. Even before Modern Warfare is released, there were reports that the game would receive a battle royale mode featuring up to 200 players.

A recent leak of datamined information from Reddit user, Senescallo, showed the map of the game mode, including zones, points of interest, and more. The mode has been rumored to have several new mechanics such as Respawn Tokens, Missions, Plunder, Gulag, and more. The Respawn Tokens are meant to send the downed player to the Gulag, where they will engage in a 1v1, King of the Hill-style deathmatch, with the winner being sent back out into the battle. Missions are specific objectives for a player to accomplish to get Plunder, a currency that can be traded for XP.

Recently, Reddit user, KingBreezoR, managed to glitch into the map for the battle royale mode, giving new reason to believe the mode was right around the corner. With this new, locked addition to the game’s menu, it seems like it is even more certain that the battle royale will be coming to the game soon. While none of this is an actual confirmation of the game mode, we think it’s safe to say a battle royale mode is the most likely possibility.

With so many battle royales on the market, it makes you wonder if this new addition will be enough to be successful. Will it be fresh enough to take players away from juggernauts like Fortnite and Apex Legends? Maybe not to the same level, but the player base for Modern Warfare is huge, with the game recently announcing it is the series’ biggest success this generation. There are enough players already in the game, that a good amount of them will be sure to try the mode out, especially if it is a free update to the game.

Whether or not the mode will be sustainable success remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that people will play it. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with adding some more content to an already content-filled game.