Money vs Fame vs Love Splatfest Announced for Splatoon 3

If you can’t have them all, then you might as well pick one.

Image via Nintendo

Which is more important: Money, Fame, or Love? The Squid Research Lab is back with some brand new intel news straight from the Splatlands. Once again, another Splatfest will determine which answer is the indisputably correct one. (Remember, it’s Splatfest law that whichever one wins is the right one, forever. Sorry Strawberry lovers, you’ll get ’em next time.)

The next Splatfest has been announced, and it’s one that you might have seen before. What’s it all about? Money, fame, or love? Squids and octos everywhere will be able to pick what they pay the most homage to. This time around, from left to right, we have Shiver representing Money, Frye representing Fame, and Big Man representing the biggest hugs you’ve ever seen.

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New Splatfest on the Way: Money, Fame and Love

The Nintendo accounts across social media have just announced a new Splatfest, scheduled to start on 12/08. This time, the theme is Money vs. Fame vs. Love. Following the theme of the three-way Splatfest, and so soon after the most recent one, it’s only a matter of time before players have their hands on Splatfest Tees in preparation for the big event.

Anyone who’s been playing Splatoon for very long may recognize the options available here. In both Splatoon 1 and Splatoon 2, a similar set of Splatfests occurred. Only that time, it was between two choices, not three. Just Money vs Love, with Marie and Pearl representing cold hard cash while Callie and Marina represent the lovey-dovey side of things. In both cases, Love won. With the three-way spin this time around, things are once again up in the air. Will the split between three contenders change the outcome of this Splatfest? Either way, it’s sure to be a good time, with a familiar theme to stir up a little friendly contention.