Monster Hunter: World is getting its own chibi Nendoroid female Hunter figure


Good Smile Company’s popular Nendoroid figures are cute little chibi creations that bring a number of franchises to life, such as Overwatch, Metal Gear Solid, and more.

Up next on the list for Nendoroid is Monster Hunter. The Female Rathalos Edition Hunter from Monster Hunter: World was revealed this weekend at the Tokyo Wonder Festival.

This cute little Hunter is decked out in Rathalos armor from Monster Hunter: World, one of the game’s flagship monsters. She’s geared up and ready to rock.

Nendoroids are known to come with multiple props and points of articulation, so it’s reasonable to expect some weapons and maybe even something like potions for the Hunter to accompany her on her journeys. And dare we say it, what about a mini Palico?

This is not the first Monster Hunter Nendoroid made by Good Smile, but it is the first to be inspired by the popular Monster Hunter: World, which recently became the fastest selling game in Capcom history.

There’s no release date or pricing yet available for this Hunter, and the only image released thus far is the concept art above.