Monster Hunter World Reaches 14 Million Copies Shipped


Monster Hunter World keeps selling a lot and very fast, and that’s quite unusual if you think about the troubled past of the intellectual property in the West.

However, things have turned around throughout the generation, as World has been crafted with a Western audience in mind, to appeal that kind of public, in the vein of other successful service games like Destiny and The Division.

Results are positive and all over the place, as we’ve just been informed by Capcom, in a tweet from the Japanese official Twitter account, that the game has reached the milestone of 14 million copies shipped around the world.

This is a quick look at copies shipped over the last few months, that gives you an idea of how Monster Hunter World‘s sales have never really slowed down since its launch:

  • February 8th: 12M
  • June 30th: 13.1M
  • October 7th: 14M

That’s, of course, taking into account both the core game and the recent expansion Iceborne sales, but sure enough, this doesn’t make the result less impressive at all. Iceborne has also been praised a lot in reviews, which mentioned that it almost feels like a new game rather than simple expansion.

It’s worth noting that Iceborne has yet to be released on PC, where the core game proved to be very successful when it shipped a few months after the console release, so the best has yet to come. Events like those involving Resident Evil will undoubtedly help further increase the userbase in the future, too.