Monster Hunter World has shipped 8 million units worldwide


If you enjoyed Monster Hunter World (or are still enjoying it, since it’s pretty long) then you can likely rest assured that Capcom is going to work on another one. It’s making the company a lot of money., ccording to Capcom’s latest fiscal report for the year ending March 31, 2018.

The report noted an 8.4 percent increase in net sales for Capcom year over year, and Monster Hunter World was an integral contributor to that sales result. To that end, Monster Hunter World ended up shipping 8 million units worldwide as of April 16. In its first three days on sale, it ended up selling a whopping 5 million units, so this is no surprise. 

These kinds of numbers practically cement the fact that the Monster Hunter franchise should continue to come westward, though some of the previous entries in the series didn’t end up making it over. Monster Hunter World has proven immensely popular, and a major driver when it comes to Capcom’s successes. 

If you’re new to the Monster Hunter franchise, it’s celebrated for its comfortable level of challenge and excellent multiplayer gameplay. Tracking down and felling enormous monster foes with your adorable Felyne companion by your side is some of the most fun you’ll have in the realm of adventure gaming. If you’ve never jumped into one of these titles before, Monster Hunter World is worth making your first one.