Nab a free Celebration Pack when you log into Monster Hunter World


All Monster Hunter World players are getting a bundle of goodies in celebration of the game having shipped a whopping 5 million copies. It’s coming in the form of the Celebration Pack, which you don’t even have to work to retrieve. You might be used to chasing after your prey in Monster Hunter World by now, but all you have to do to get this pack is log in. How kind of Capcom!

It’s all because the latest iteration of the Monster Hunter franchise managed to ship those 5 million copies in just its first three days out on store shelves, including digital sales. Thus, the Celebration Pack is meant to commemorate this impressive milestone. It’s up for grabs on the login bonus screen and you can squirrel away the goodies inside for safekeeping. Judging by the image Capcom tweeted, players will likely be getting some various sacs, a steel egg, and a potion for their trouble. 

You’ll get the Celebration Pack on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but it’ll be sent out in waves. If you log in today and don’t see it for some reason, you may just need to wait a few days for it to get to you. You can claim one per account, so make sure if you have multiple you don’t miss out.