Monster Hunter World Executive Director Has No Bad Feelings For Dauntless


During an interview with Polygon, Monster Hunter World Kaname Fujioka commented on how other franchises are taking notes from his latest game, given its worldwide success.

Fujioka spoke about Dauntless, which features an aggressive strategy similiar to Monster Hunter World. Dauntless features a free-to-play format for all users, and released on multiple platforms, along with featuring cross-progression and cross-play when it released.

“I’m perfectly happy and proud to feel that if our game has gotten big enough that people are taking inspiration from it and making their own title,” Fujioka told Polygon. “I mean, we are creators, and we are influenced by all the games we’ve played. It’s definitely not something I feel bad or angry about to see this kind of thing happening. It’s more proof that Monster Hunter: World has gone global since a game like Dauntless is a global game.”

He has also added that back in the days of the PSP era there were already game developers making games attempting to enter the same genre as Monster Hunter in Japan, even copying some of the core functionalities. But we didn’t know about those, due to the series not being as popular over here, until now.

“In the past when Monster Hunter got big on PSP in Japan, for example, Monster Hunter-like games started cropping up on PSP in Japan, but maybe they weren’t as known in the West,” Fujioka said. “We’ve always had people take inspiration from us and use that as the basis for their own creations. I think that that’s continuing with Monster Hunter: World era of the series.”

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne release on September 6, 2019. It’s going to have a beta for the PlayStation 4 very soon.