Monster Hunter World Releases Guardian Armor Set


Monster Hunter World unveils new armor set ahead of Iceborne release.

With the Iceborne DLC coming at the end of the week, Monster Hunter hyped up the release with a new armor set. Announced on Twitter with a brief video, the Guardian Armor set is available for free ahead just in time for the DLC.

The video describes the armor while showing it in action against multiple standard monsters in the game. The armor is designed for players that are either new or for new characters that need to level before they’re ready for Iceborne content. According to the video, the armor set has an extremely high defense for players to level and use to get them quickly through the main game. It’s going to help them all the way to master rank.

The Guardian Armor set is only available for PS4 and Xbox One players. It is currently unknown if it will come to PC along with Iceborne in January 2020. Given how much they want to assist console players, they’re likely going to offer the same opportunity for PC owners.

The Guardian Armor set is available for free tonight, roughly a full day before the release of Iceborne on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.