Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Developers Share The Frozen Wilds Crossover Details


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Developer Diary today revealed lots of new information about changes and additions coming to Capcom’s popular game. The biggest news had to do with tomorrow’s major update. The update is going to introduce a new region to the Guiding Lands, along with the new monster Rajang and other features like layered armor changes. Speaking on the news a little further out, the developers also revealed some details about Iceborne’s upcoming collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

The crossover seems like a perfect fit since both The Frozen Wilds and Iceborne took their respective games to confront new dangers in snowy new lands. It’s also not the first time that Aloy has found her way from Horizon Zero Dawn to Monster Hunter World. A crossover in the base game let players earn a new set of armor and a weapon for their Palico, and offered a unique armor set that transformed them into Aloy.

Iceborne’s crossover with The Frozen Wilds will take place over two separate updates in November and December. The first update adds new items to the Horizon Zero Dawn-based kit available. The second provides upgrades to previous equipment and adds even more new gear.

Palico Frozen Wilds armor

In Iceborne’s November update, players will get their first quest based on The Frozen Wilds, which gives them the chance to craft the Stormslinger bowgun. That update also includes a new pendant based on The Frozen Wilds, but the developers didn’t share details of exactly what it would be.

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Then, in December, players get their shot at a new armor set based on Horizon Zero Dawn’s powerful Shield-weaver armor. We got a glimpse of this armor in an earlier trailer for the collaboration. Players will also get a new set of Palico armor and the Banuk armor for themselves. This update gives them the chance to upgrade the Stormslinger bowgun. It unlocked in November, along with the bow. Palico armor set that came included in the original Monster Hunter World crossover with Horizon Zero Dawn. Upgrading the Stormslinger will also enable a new weapon action available only on that weapon.

Iceborne x Frozen Wilds

A slide in the Developer Diary also revealed more new additions they spoke about during the video. Among them were Frostclaw — an enemy from Horizon Zero Dawn — and Forgefire — a weapon from the game. The developers didn’t say exactly what form they’d take in the collaboration, but more details should be coming out closer to its release.