Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Trailer, Monsters and More

A lot of new information today on Monster Hunter World’s big expansion, Iceborn. Capcom has released a short highlight video giving us all a glimpse of what’s in store. We’ve got new monsters, a lush looking headquarters, and some beautiful arctic environments. There are the two new elemental subspecies of returning monsters, who are even more dangerous than before, and the brand new Glavenus, who appears to have a flaming sword for a tail. Seems fair.

It’s not all horrifying, bone-crunching monsters though. In the trailer, you see your new communal hot springs and streamlined Gathering Hub, where you will be conducting all your pre-hunt prep, and post-battle relaxation. You even get your room which you can customize to your heart’s content, after launch, there will be an update that’ll allow you to visit your friend’s abode. Although, who has the time for sleeping when there’s all that hunting to be done?

Alongside the gameplay footage, there’s a developer diary that goes into greater detail as to what kind of improvements we will be seeing in Iceborn. Now if a player leaves your party mid-hunt, the difficulty will balance for the remaining players. There’s also been additions to your Palicoes, new gadgets, new weapons and the ability to revive a fainted player instantly. That’s going to come in handy more than once.

The developer diary is below and will hopefully tide you over until Iceborne’s release date come September 6th.