Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Coming to PC in January 2020

Monster Hunter: World players are looking forward to the game’s next expansion, Iceborne. It’s going to introduce several snow-based environments with monsters who thrive on living in the frigid conditions. While the expansion releases on September 6 for console players, there was no exact date for PC gamers. That changes today with the latest tweet from the official Monster Hunter Twitter account.

They revealed the game’s expansion is going to release in January 2020 for PC players. You can check out the formal tweet below.

There have been several gameplay videos and demonstrations shared by Capcom over the past several weeks detailing new features coming to the game. There are several variations of new monsters showing up. Among these creatures are new ones to the game, old to the franchise, making their way over to the New World to find a new home in the icy environment. Players are going to see monsters like the Velkhana, Glavenus, Fulgur Anjanath, Ebony Odogaron, Tigrex, and many more in the region.

There’s also a brand new series of story missions for players to embark on that builds on Monster Hunter: World’s ending. The Research Commission is calling the new, snowy region the Hoarfrost Reach. Previously, the location had a massive amount of snow and ice on it. With it becoming uncovered, hunters need to venture in to discover what’s going in the region.

Beyond the new, ice-based creatures, there are plenty of snowy new outfits coming to the game hunters are going to be able to craft from the new line-up of animals. Players are going to have access to a brand new headquarters called Seliana in the ice region, covered in snow.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can pre-order the expansion right now for $39.99, and they’ll start playing it on Sept 6. PC players can also pre-order the game, but again, they’ll be playing it sometime in Jan 2020, with no exact date detailed, yet.