Street Fighter V’s Ryu and Sakura are coming to Monster Hunter: World as DLC characters


Capcom is a company that loves crossovers between its franchises, and its newest one combines Street Fighter V and Monster Hunter: World.

In “just a few weeks,” Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter V will be coming to Monster Hunter: World in the form of armor sets. PlayStation 4 players who have a Street Fighter V save data file will unlock the quest, while players who don’t (and those on Xbox One) will have to wait a bit longer for the featured quest to come back into rotation.

The quest, titled “Down the Dark, Muddy Path” has a reward called “SFV Tickets.” Those tickets are used to turn into the Smithy to unlock the Ryu armor set. The set changes a hunter’s armor, whether male or female, to look and sound just like Ryu.

“Not long after” all players can earn the Ryu set, and two new Event Quests will be added to rotation on both PS4 and Xbox One to allow players to earn both the Ryu and Sakura sets.

No exact dates were given for the arrival of the quests and armor sets, but they should be within the next few weeks. On top of the skins, Hadouken and Shoryuken gestures will also be available to purchase for $3.99.