Monster Hunter World To Get Horizon Zero Dawn Armor Set


Monster Hunter World will get an exclusive add-on where players can wear Aloy’s armor set. Aloy is the lead character in Horizon Zero Dawn, and now it is possible to have the armor in Monster Hunter World. The armor set will be available on PS4 only and it will be available from February 28 to March 5, 2018. Players will have to wear the complete gear, oppose to a current way where you can just wear pants or chest separately. Called as Palico armor there is a quest where you can find this.

Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn Armor

Aloy armor set and the bow will be available after you get through the quest. We had also brought you the process how to achieve it. Players can get the armor and weapons in two waves.

How To Unlock Horizon Zero Dawn Armor Set

To get the armor first you have to accept 5 Star Event Quest – Lessons of the Wild. This will be available from February 8. To play the quest you will have to reach Hunter Rank 6 or higher. During the quest, you have to slay around eight Barnos & a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku in an arena. It is best to first target the bigger one, the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. You have to dodge your way out to avoid stun attack from the monster. Try using the monsters flash ability to target Barnos.

After slaying all the Barnos and go to the inventory, you will see one Watcher Lens. You will have earned the following items in order to get a full set of Horizon Palico Gear. To get the armor you have to go to Forge Palico Equipment and select Full Armor Sets. For the weapon, you have to go in the same Palico Equipment and select Standard Equipment.

  • 3 Watcher Lens
  • 1 Electro Sac
  • 3 Dragonite Ore

Horizon Zero Dawn is an exclusive PS4 add-on, while Street Fighter V crossover is the next costume event for all platforms. PS4 players who have Street Fighter V save data will get first access from February 16. And later it will be available for other platforms.