Monster Hunter World’s new free update adds the Elder Dragon Lunastra


Monster Hunter World is getting another free update, this time including the Elder Dragon Lunastra. The massive beast is coming to the game with the departure of Kulve Taroth as of May 31, which should give players plenty of explosive hunts to look forward to. 

Lunastra is Teostra’s aggressive female counterpart, using dazzling blue flames when she goes on the offensive. She’ll take you out in the blink of an eye if you get on her bad side, so beware if you set out on the hunt to take her out. In fact, she may even end up teaming up with Teostra for even more powerful attacks. This is going to be one fight that you’ll have to be extremely careful with if you want to survive.

As always with new monsters, there are also additional weapons and armor. You’ll need it if you end up poking the bear and have to fight both Lunastra and Teostra at once. Lunastra’s specific gear will require materials from other dragons as well, even Nergigante, so you’re in for a challenge. 

In addition to Lunastra, the update will include new, more difficult Tempered Elder Dragons called Arch Tempered Elder Dragons. Hopefully the long Memorial Day weekend helped recharge your batteries, because Lunastra and the rest of the new free goodies will be coming to the game today at 7pm CT. There’s still plenty of content to explore in the Monster Hunter realm, if you’re feeling up to the challenge.