Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season is three games in one and coming in 2020 | E3 2019


Fans of the massively successful indie title Monster Prom probably already knew this, but just days after wrapping up their Kickstarter campaign, Beautiful Glitch showed off a little bit of the sequel at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase.

There wasn’t a whole lot of content shown, a few screens of characters interacting along with an animated slideshow of images, but for fans of the game who didn’t see the campaign for the sequel, this was a gentle reminder that Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season is coming next year.

The sequel title from executive producer Jesse Cox raised over $600,000 and reached enough stretch goals to turn the single game into a trio of titles bundled into one. All of them will bring a slightly different take to the incredibly quirky multiplayer dating sim, but each title will keep the same charming art style, voice acting, and writing.

Monster Camp, Monster Retreat, and Monster Roadtrip will be three separate adventures that fans will be able to enjoy with all of the Kickstarter goal content and wacky fun included.

Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season is set to release around October 2020, but there is a demo live now on their Kickstarter page for everyone to enjoy.