Monster Within Pack glitch gives them Collection Event Pack odds in Apex Legends

10% chance of Legendary cosmetics incoming.

Monsters Within pack ad

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Monsters Within event launched in Apex Legends on October 12. It is the second three-week thematic event, and the first to feature Event Packs. For the Monsters Within the event, there are 40 new cosmetics. You can either craft them with crafting materials or get them at random in Monsters Within Event Packs and Apex Packs. The Monsters Within Packs cost only 400 Apex Coins, and supposedly, aside from guaranteeing a Monster Within cosmetic in them, have the same odds as a normal Apex Pack. That did not end up being the case when the event launched.

Normal Apex Packs have much lower rarity drop rates than Collection Event Packs. However, due to a glitch, the Monsters Within Event Packs are dropping the non-event items at the same rate as a Collection Event Pack, which is a 10% chance of a Legendary, 20% chance of an Epic, and 70% percent chance of a Rare, with no commons present. That means if you buy right now, you are guaranteed all Rare, or better, items in the pack.

On top of that, this is the best chance at getting Legendary or Epic items at this price ever. This is thought to most likely be a glitch that will most likely be caught and remedied, so if you want in, buy in while you still can. That said, if it does remain, this could also set a new and exciting standard for getting cosmetics in Apex Legends.