More Xbox Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Year

Only a few hours ago, Microsoft and Studio MDHR have announced they’re bringing Cuphead to Nintendo Switch.

The game will launch on April 18 and will receive a post release update that will introduce Xbox Live features to the Nintendo console.

While Xbox Live will be handled individually on a game to game basis, Microsoft has opened up about its plans with the platform.

As shared by people who has participated to the GDC panel held on the topic, the Redmond giant is planning on bringing more Xbox games to Switch next year.

“Microsoft: No plans for an Xbox Live SDK for Switch right now, but expect more games like Cuphead to come to Switch with Live enabled over there next year,” says Russell Holly, one of those.

“I’m being told they’ve also just said that they’re working with Nintendo to bring achievements to select titles. They’re already in Minecraft Switch so there’s precedent,” adds Chris Scullion.

So, while it doesn’t look like Xbox Game Pass nor xCloud are coming to Switch anytime soon, it seems that something’s moving in that direction.

Microsoft is most probably pointing at Ori and the Blind Forest and its follow up, The Will of the Wisps, to drop on Switch in 2020, with a few others that could be a good fit for the platform (think of Super Lucky’s Tale, among the others).

It’ll be interesting to see where all this leads the cooperation between Microsoft and Nintendo.

Via ResetEra