Mortal Kombat 11 Patch 1.04 May Have Removed The Popular Glitch


Mortal Kombat 11’s most recent patch may have fixed a popular glitch that saved fans plenty of times.

In Mortal Kombat 11’s Krypt mode, you take control of a nameless warrior. You travel Shang Tsung’s island and open chests that contain valuable cosmetics.

In the Warrior Shrine section of the Krypt, there are spikes in front of the faces of the twenty-five playable characters. In front of the spikes are treasure chests. To open these chests, you need to spike the severed heads of the character that the chests represent. To get the severe head of a character, you need to perform 50 Fatalities on that one character. We go over the best way to do it here, but doing it the legit way will always be incredibly time-consuming.

There was a glitch that allowed players to spike the heads of all the characters without performing the 50 Fatalities on every character. We go over in detail here how to do glitch, but to put it you just need to hold the X or A button while going into Krypt mode. Keep holding X or A as you walk in front of the spike, and the severed head will magically materialize on the spike. Exit from the Krypt from that point, and repeat the process for the rest of the characters.

Mortal Kombat 11

Well, it seems as if NetherRealm studios have a patch that out of the game. According to a forum on GameFAQs, the patch is meant to fix glitch. It makes sense for the spiked head glitch to go away as it was a major glitch, but it saved players dozens of hours. Getting the severed heads of every character would require you to do 50 Fatalities on all twenty-five playable characters.

To do a Fatality, you need to win a match. Winning a match can take a while, and you would still need to do the right button combination to perform a Fatality on an opponent properly.

Since I already used the glitch to spike the heads of every character and open all the chests, I can’t determine if the patch did fix it. The forum on GameFAQs seems to suggest that it is the case, and it makes sense for NetherRealm to fix it.

It’s unfortunate since the patch was a godsend for gamers who wanted to open all the chests in the Krypt. The patch may have also fixed a glitch involving Shinnok’s Amulet that also saved players plenty of time.