Mortal Kombat 11 Showcases Kharacters in the Halloween Spirit


Mortal Kombat has gotten into the Halloween spirit with the release of a new trailer showcasing Jade, Liu Kang, and Kabal in amazingly designed costumes. In the Masquerade Skin Pack, Jade is titled as the Wicked Witch, Liu Kang as Calavera, and Kabal as Psyko Killer (and yes, it’s spelled that way). Fans of these characters are certainly hyped for them to get a new skin, especially for Jade and Kabal due to not being playable in Mortal Kombat X. Surprisingly, Netherrealm Studios missed the chance to make a return for Zombie Liu Kang, though there might be another chance in the future.

The costumes are nice references to classic characters from different types of media ranging from fantasy to horror. Alongside the skins, there will also be more Halloween related events and match modifiers to make the fights spookier. As for the Halloween costumes, they are available for $5.99 in a DLC pack.

If you need more of a reason to celebrate Halloween in Mortal Kombat 11, there will be a brand new limited-time event and themed rewards. On October 25th, there will be four exclusive boss battles. On the 18th tomorrow, the game will feature Team Raid multiplayer mode, which allows up to three players to take on more challenges that are sure to be difficult.

Out of the three, which skin is your favorite? And for those that haven’t gotten a skin yet, which character do you want to get one in the future?