Motorcycle sim RiMS Racing announced during Nacon Connect

The developers say the game will focus on a realistic, immersive motorcycling experience.

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A new motorcycle racing game, titled RiMS Racing, was announced today during the 2020 Nacon Connect event. The new title, which will be published by Nacon, will be the first game developed by the Italian game developer RaceWard Studio. According to RaceWard CEO Marco Ponte, it will be a realistic motorcycle simulation experience that utilizes innovative technology in its gameplay elements. “Our game provides an extremely accurate riding experience and precise control of the bike,” Ponte said during Nacon Connect.

Even though RiMS Racing was announced during the event, details on the new game are scarce. No gameplay footage was shown, and the studio didn’t announce any specific details regarding the game outside of a release window of summer 2021. The release date goal implies the game will be next-gen, since the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have been out over half a year by then. RaceWard Studio did, however, state that they “can’t wait” to show players more of the new title.