Mushroom Wars 2 Heading to Nintendo Switch


Good news for Nintendo Switch owners and fans of Zillion Whales’ Mushroom Wars: you will soon be able to play Mushroom Wars 2 from the comfort of your couch or anywhere you please.

Due to the amount of puns I can come up with for Mushroom Wars 2, I’m only allowed three in this article because some people at TL;DR Games are not fungis. (Editor’s Note: What?! No really, what do you mean by that?) I’ve already used two, so the third one really must count.

Mushroom Wars 2 is the hit sequel to the real time strategy game from Zillion Whales. The mobile games publisher brings the first true real time strategy experience to the portable gaming console with its short, fact paced matches that are perfect wherever you decide to play.

Mushroom Wars 2 Heading to Nintendo Switch
Mushroom WarsTerminals by Evolve PR • Licensed by Owner

Players can lounge outside enjoying a nice breeze, all while conquering over 90 multiplayer maps with the Nintendo Switch’s portable capability. Mushroom Wars 2 is also cross platform compatible with the previously released versions, so a match will be easy to find. Mushroom Wars 2 has some cool key features as well:

  • Short session RTS battles with thousands of Mushroom troops.
  • Wild cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players, including two versus two.
  • Story-driven single player campaign complete with boss battles.
  • Fierce hero characters who can turn the tide of battle with special skills.
  • A large variety of map configurations and modifiers to keep aspiring Commanders on their toes.
  • Built in leagues, ranked matches, replay feature, and spectator mode make it easy to enter the competitive scene.

Mushroom Wars 2 will bring everything you loved about Mushroom Wars and more to the portabella (Editor’s Note: Dear god.) console Nintendo Switch on July 5 in time for a summer release.