There was a cool musical Easter egg hidden in the Death Stranding E3 trailer


Hideo Kojima is all about secrecy and puzzles, with plenty of hidden messages up his sleeve, to boot. It should come as no surprise, then, that the latest Death Stranding trailer shown off at E3 2018 actually featured an interesting Easter egg based on some complex hidden messages. 

One of the new female characters, particularly the one portrayed by actress Lindsay Wagner, is wearing an ornate necklace in a new poster created for the game. She’s cradling an infant, and the design just above the baby’s head is more than just an interesting motif for the character’s jewelry.

One Eagle-eyed Russian Twitter user discovered that Wagner’s character’s necklace actually features an ancient language called “quipu.” Typically, quipu has been associated throughout history with civilizations located in the Andes, though it’s also been utilized in olden Chinese and native Hawaiian communications in the past.

Kojima himself had actually tweeted about quipu as far back as November 2017, something he was clearly interested in exploring. It seems he went all in, as a closer look at the necklace shows off a translation of a melody to a song from Icelandic band Low Roar. The song “Give Me An Answer” is a year old now, but it’s no surprise that Kojima would continue to promote the very same band responsible for the haunting tune in his original Death Stranding trailer back in 2016.

It now appears that the video, which director Dylan Marko Bell had previously confirmed to Paper Magazine, was heavily inspired by Kojima’s upcoming Death Stranding. Now, the hunt is on for additional clues and unlocking the symbolism in the eerie video. Kojima’s just as sly as he’s ever been, and we’re loving every minute of it. 

What else will we end up uncovering before we get our hands on Death Stranding? There’s no telling. But one thing’s for sure: You’d better keep an eye on every little scrap this man tweets out. There could be a clue in any of it.